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Sheriff Eric Watson’s “special friend” back in jail

Sources close to the sheriff within the BCSO report that Eric Watson’s “special friend” Meagan Free was re-arrested on Monday and as of this writing, remains in jail. Our sources assure us that, contrary to the sheriff's assertions, Meagan Free was not and never has been a confidential informant for anyone at the BCSO, nor has she worked with law enforcement in any capacity.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a source is quoted as saying, “Meagan (Free) was locked back up because of the heat Watson brought down on himself pressuring the judge (Sheridan Randolph) to let her out in the first place. They’re trying to get the thing under control before it all hits the fan. Him (Sheriff Watson) and his wife (Tenille Watson) are up to their ears with this Cumberland Bond business and them (Cumberland and Tenille Crabtree Watson) getting special treatment.”

HometownCleveland is privy to more sensitive and damaging information regarding Eric Watson’s activities as sheriff (and in the State House), and is in the process of confirming the accuracy of the information with other sources before going public. We can say, however, that there is much more to this story and to Eric Watson.

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