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Ear to the Ground - Co-Mingling

(We just received this piece of informative information from an alert citizen watchdog):

"Hmmmm. Tenille Watson parked her black SUV at Courts this morning and got files and paperwork out. I assume she was on bonding business.

"She has an Emergency tag on her vehicle. As you probably know, the Emergency tags are for emergency responders who might have to drive their own vehicles at times when only essential traffic is allowed on the roads. I don't know what status she might have to get an Emergency tag unless she has a Special Deputy card from BCSO or elsewhere, but I don't think that it is allowed for bondsmen (or women) to have a Deputy Sheriff commission.

"If the car is registered to Eric, then she is driving his car to do her bonding business, which sounds like more co-mingling to me. Hmmmmm."

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