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Eric Watson Drowning in a Sea of Litigation

(NOTE: Facebook deleted this story within hours of it being posted to HometownCleveland FB for violating their "community standards")

Heads up, people ... sheriff Eric Watson is heaping lawsuits galore upon the plate of Bradley County taxpayers.

First up, is the wrongful death lawsuit of AJ White at the hands of BCSO deputy Tiffany Oakley. HometownCleveland has sifted through a mountain of evidence that says both Oakley and Eric Watson have been less than honest about what happened in those fateful early morning hours of July 28, 2015. Some might even say they've been lying,

We will tell you now that Oakley and AJ White were hardly strangers, so her and Eric Watson’s assertions that she didn’t know him are pure concocted bunk. Further, White was tased and shot twice: once in the stomach and once to the back of his leg, which destroyed an artery, causing him to bleed out; therefore, it would appear he was attempting to flee when the kill shot hit him from behind. Look for that investigation to produce more shocking revelations.

Also, watch for another very serious lawsuit to be filed against Watson and his BCSO any day now. And there are at least three other lawsuits, possibly four, that will be filed in the near future.

All this is in addition to the $41K judgment against Eric Watson on behalf of an atheist group who proved he had intentionally conspired to deny them their First Amendment rights by deleting and blocking their comments from the Bradley County sheriff’s official website.

And don't let the lying liars tell you these lawsuits don't cost the taxpayers anything ... it is no one but taxpayers who foot these bills. Did you think the insurance companies pay? The banks? Eric Watson? The lawsuit fairy?

O’ what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive, huh, Eric? Somebody throw that drowning man a life line. Somebody? Anybody?

UPDATE (Feb. 2018): Due to the large number of high-end lawsuits against Eric Watson's BCSO since 2014 (including a recent half-million dollar settlement), county commissioners say next year's insurance premiums are going to be greatly increased. HTC doesn’t have the exact numbers, but there are at least a dozen more and possibly as many as 17 active on-going lawsuits against Watson. The sheriff is also the biggest County credit card spender.

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