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Eric Watson, Say it Ain’t So

(NOTE: Facebook deleted this story within hours of it being posted to HometownCleveland FB for violating their "community standards"

Sheriff Watson, is this true? Was a women in a red brassiere sending you pictures of herself half naked, and were you and she exchanging infatuated text messages? And now, scant months later, do you really have that same woman locked away in your jail? We’re asking: Is this true?

Or is it a lie? A trick? Just another "attack piece on our law enforcement with no basics" (sic)? Did some bad somebodies set you up? We really don’t know, so we need you to tell us. You can settle it now, put it to bed and move on. If you say it’s a lie, okay, fine, our bad. We’ll take you at your word. If it’s a lie, we’ll apologize, shake your hand and give you a dollar for your trouble. All you have to do is just say. Is this a lie or isn’t it? Cause it’s either one or the other.

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