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As you’ve probably guessed, HometownCleveland Facebook was shut down for the last 24 hours for twice violating their so-call “community standards.”

It would seem all it takes to violate their standards, is simply expose allegations of illegal and/or immoral activity by Bradley County sheriff Eric Watson, who is under investigation by the TBI, the FBI and a special appointed prosecutor.

So before FB can shut us down again, we suggest you follow us on Twitter @ HTCnewshound. If you follow us on Twitter, you can see what Eric Watson doesn’t want you to see. If you follow us on Twitter, you can see the shocking photos and texts that sheriff Eric Watson was exchanging with a female recidivist and frequent inmate in the Bradley County jail. In fact, she’s in jail again right now and some say Eric Watson has her locked up to keep her quiet.

Being shut down twice within a matter of hours by FB yesterday is the clearest indication we could ever have that Eric Watson is up to his ears in sumpin’ sumpin’ and wants to stop Hometown from talking about it.

We suspect Eric Watson has tricked decent, trusting church-going people into believing he is being attacked by ungodly liars, possibly in cahoots with the atheists. We suspect FB is being inundated with complaints about HometownCleveland, knowing that FB will react to sheer numbers. So, if we go down again, you’ll know why.

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