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Part 1: Brian Graves - In the Tank for Eric Watson

(NOTE: Facebook deleted this story within hours of it being posted to HometownCleveland FB for violating their "community standards")

We snagged a little gem off Tenille Crabtree Watson’s facebook page just now. Little over a week ago, she posted a picture on her FB page (see: Part 2: Brian Graves - In the Tank for Eric Watson) and wrote: “Words cannot describe how incredibly proud of this man I am! Eric Watson you make me so proud and I am truly blessed to be your wife! Let's keep focused.....we are the "winning team" GODS team! I ❤ U babe!”

Now there’s nothing wrong with any of that. But, among the many comments under the picture there was one Brian Graves who joined in the accolades, saying: “AMEN!!! should be a preacher! So very very proud to be friends..real friends...with the both of you!”

Again, there’s nothing wrong with that, either. Except Brian Graves is a reporter for the Cleveland Daily Banner. He’s the one who writes the news stories about Eric Watson -- he’s the one who sugarcoats all the sheriff’s controversies and shady dealings. He and the Banner unfailingly side with Watson in tone and timbre; even to the point of trying to sway public opinion against the private citizen who blew the whistle on Watson to begin with.

So you tell us: Is the starry-eyed, fawning gentleman, Brian Graves, capable of writing objectively about Eric Watson (and Tenille) whom he adores so very very much, and whom he proudly states are not just friends, but "real" friends? You think you’re going to get any truth from him?

If so, then the next time you’re scratching your head and wondering, “Why haven’t I seen any of this Eric Watson stuff anywhere else,” you’ll know the answer: because you read the Banner.

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