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He’s the Birds’ Dog

He’s the Birds’ Dog

(to the tune of "Bird Dog" by the Everly Bros.)

Jimmy Ruth’s the top dog (He’s a bird)

Turned into a demagogue (He’s a bird)

Gives money to his friends now (He’s a dog)

Don’t care who he offends now (What a dog)

Been sued so many times that the County’s going broke

(He’s the Birds’ dog)

Jimmy Ruth is silly (He’s a bird)

Hooked up with Choctaw Willy (What a turd)

S’why Willy is his chief now (He’s a dog)

It beggars disbelief now (What a dog)

Got one Bird in the hand and two Birds in the bush

(He’s the Birds’ dog)

Hey Bird boys, step away from the cash,

Hey Bird boys, gonna take out the trash,

Bird boys, better get on back to where y’all came.

Hey Bird boys, we don’t want your black box,

Hey Bird boys, you’re the hens we’re the fox,

Birds boys, we’re on to you and your little game.

Jimmy is a puppet (He’s a bird)

A rolly-polly muppet (He’s a bird)

The Birds call the shots now (They’re all dogs)

Just connect the dots now (It’s like a travelogue)

Birds say, “Jimmy, jump” and Jimmy says “How high?”

(He’s the Birds’ dog)

Jimmy’s just absurd (He’s a bird)

His buddy says the N-word (Like you never heard)

But Jimmy’s just a dupe now (He’s a dog)

A total nincompoop now (His head’s in a fog)

Spends his time on Facebook to see what folks'er sayin'

(He’s the Birds’ dog)

Hey Bird boys, get away from our town,

Hey Bird boys, we’re gonna tumble you down,

Bird boys, you better find another scam to run.

Hey Bird boys, we’re on to your tricks,

Hey Bird boys, you’re just three little hicks,

Birds boys, pulling your tail is purely fun.

(They’re the Birds)

(Doug, Don and Wayne)

(Them Birds are dogs)

(It’s scurrilous)

(Arf arf awooooooooooo)

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